What is your focus on?
By: Suzanne Marie Bandick

I have always believed in the power of focus and gratitude as ways of achieving our dreams. You see I have always thought of myself as a positive person. In fact it took me a long time to realize that people in a bad mood with a negative focus get angry with you when you say “Be Happy – life is good” (picture a teenage Suzanne here). They have to be brought to that realization gradually – one step at a time (more on that another day). So anyway I figured I had these positive focus tips mastered – surprise!

What happened? The following is a story of me and Mexico and my focus.

Realize that I live in Mexico and it really is a paradise to me and many people as it has no snowy winters, sandy beaches, and lots of sun and palm trees (you get the picture). I have been thrilled to live here for 7 years. Then one day I start to focus on the fact that the road in front of my house is not paved and is developing many large potholes. The road was paved when we bought the house 4 years ago – they tore it up a year later to put in sewers and it has been unpaved since. Why would I suddenly choose to focus on my unpaved road? Probably to give us all a lesson in the Law of Attraction! You might think this one little thought would be harmless like I did - but it snowballed. I started to notice some garbage around town and other things I don’t like ….. All of a sudden I am wondering if I like Mexico!

When I realized what had happened from my one negative thought – I decided to focus instead on what I loved about Mexico and why I do want to live here. My beautiful house and gardens and the lifestyle I have and the friendly people and …… well you get the picture.
Now you can see how literally changing your focus can change your life. Not changing your focus can affect your life too. Which do you want? Where is your focus these days? Is it where you want it to be?

You know I think they will be paving my road soon.