What does a clock really mean in Mexico?
By: Suzanne Marie Bandick

The clock seems to have a different meaning in Canada or the United States than it does in Mexico. The clocks we use may look similar and have the same numbers, but the numbers seem to have different meanings between the countries.

I was schooled never to be late. In fact, I was told that it is best to be early. In Mexico, time often seems to be of less importance – no one is ever early. I fact, late is OK and even expected. I think that in Mexico, time is often just used as a guideline so that you know whether you are talking about morning or evening. You can usually give or take an hour easily. As you can imagine it can really becomes hilarious when you combine my early with my Mexican friends late.

What are the pluses to this time discrepancy? Well, I can make new friends while waiting, I can get to eat two dinners, I can shop twice as much, I can get more coffee drinking done, I can catch up on my reading, and I can even write more articles.

I must say it felt very liberating when I learned to use this Mexican concept of time in my life. I became less stressed and less harried. I learned to relax more and that usually nothing is an emergency. Ah the freedom! I do miss out on those double dinners these days but I think I have more fun with life and I am definitely slimmer.

The challenge will be switching back when I am meeting another Canadian. No, on second thought, I think it will be best to adapt them to this new and better way of thinking of time. I'll know whether they got it or not by how full they look when I arrive. When were we supposed to meet again? Is that Mexican or Canadian time?