The top 10 reasons to live in Playa del Carmen

By: Suzanne Marie Bandick

Not that anyone really needs more reasons to live in paradise but here are a few that maybe you have not even thought of…

  1. Better physical health – any of the following is    quite good exercise: walking the uneven sidewalks, occasionally falling into the hole left uncovered and needing to climb back out, dodging bicycles on the pedestrian path, dodging pedestrians on the bicycle path, having your food more easily digested while driving through the potholes on the road, swimming in really cold cenotes (needing to raise your body temperature burns calories), body surfing the waves in that gorgeous ocean …. And let’s not forget the aerobic benefit of swatting at mosquitoes- the benefit is enhanced by the way, if we jump around at the same tim
  2. Better mental health – sunshine and a more relaxed way of life are top on my list. Then to maintain your good mental health – never, ever try to figure out why anything is done the way it is. Also never really expect anyone to show up when they say they will - if they do it is a bonus and maybe a good reason for a party. In fact I suggest a party while you wait. Yes, when you combine parties, sunshine, relaxation, yoga on the beach and taking the time to read good books your mental health becomes stronger by the second.
  3. You will never wonder “what if …” – what if you hadn’t moved here or come for an extended holiday? You would miss drinking your fruit punch out of a coconut or pineapple for one thing. I wouldn’t want to die wondering what that was like.
  4. It provides satisfaction – you can check it off as something you wanted to do in your lifetime. Checking things off a list is hugely satisfying. Out of curiosity, what’s next wrestling crocks in the Amazon?
  5. It gives you energy – living in Playa del Carmen gives you more energy than you have ever known. In fact it gives you so much energy that you must take frequent hammock breaks to decide what to do with all this new found energy.
  6. You can party any time you want for any reason! The fact that today is Thursday works… or that you saw a butterfly, a parrot fly by, an iguana, a dolphin, or a sea turtle.
  7. It will keep your skin more youthful – the summer humidity is to thank for that. The cosmetics companies are still trying to find a way to bottle it. We get it for free.
  8. The beaches – white sand, cool water, and optional tops.
  9. The food – mouth watering shrimp tacos, shrimp burritos, shrimp sautéed in garlic butter, shrimp ceviche, and shrimp with avocado. I don’t know why but I am suddenly dying to eat some shrimp. It is a good thing I live here.
  10. It’s fun – you can’t doubt that after reading numbers one to nine. Plus you have 5th Ave., ruins nearby, cenotes, Xcaret, Xelha, and we have the best movie theatres.