Surviving Rainy Season in Mexico
By: Suzanne Marie Bandick

I know what you are thinking, poor babies living in paradise having to endure a little rain. However, you have to understand the hardship when it rains a lot for several days in a row. We are just not well equipped to handle it, for instance . . . . . . . . .

My laundry has so far taken three days to dry. It looked like it would be a sunny day when I got the washing machine going – but this was obviously a Mother Nature trick. I got tired of taking it all down from the line and then hanging it all up again as storm clouds played games with me. So I left it! Twenty minutes later it poured again and my laundry went through another rinse cycle. To this date I think it has gotten wet and semi dried about seven times. I figure as long as no birds poop on it – I should be able to fold it up and put it away any day now.

Get this; my maid has stopped trying to clean the windows! She kind of looks at them and shrugs with a smile on her face – as if saying, what is the use?  Shopping has ground to a halt because you don’t want to get all wet between stores. Trust me that will be temporary as one must shop. In the summer my clothes would get all wet and stuck to me because of the heat, now my clothes get all wet and stick to me from the rain. I tell everyone it is a new fashion statement. Paradise rocks!

Big parties have to be put off because you don’t know if it might rain and then you cannot make use of your yard. It is hard to cram 50 or so people in your house! We solved this by having more intimate dinner parties of only 10 or so, and we just do it more often so we get to see everyone. Hey, in Mexico, everyday is party day in rainy season.

Oh and the roads, especially in the Ejido, the roads are glorious – they are only full of large and small really quite dull potholes when it is dry – but add water and now you have fun. A friend who ventured to our house the other day even thought they were cenotes! You can really get your vehicle rocking and if the music you have on the stereo is good you can really feel like you are dancing. Amusement rides come to mind – some people pay big bucks for the pleasure of this.

In my mind, attitude is everything. It is not the situation; it is how we chose to react to the situation that impacts the outcome and ultimately how we feel. I am reminded of this often as I go about my day to day activities in my chosen homeland of Mexico. Things can and often do, happen differently than you may hope or expect, but if I check my attitude - everything amazingly turns out great!

I’ll ramble more later as I am going to put on my rubber flip flops and go play in my street cenotes now! I have to do something while I wait for my laundry to dry. Only in Mexico, you say?