Have you ever thought about moving to Mexico?
By: Suzanne Marie Bandick

A lot of people think of moving away to another country at one time or another. Some even call it an escape. I have talked to several people just in this past week who are seriously thinking of moving to Mexico. They want advice. What advice can I give?
First, I would say – expect things to be different. Nothing will be done the way you do it back home. The people of Mexico usually think differently and were raised differently. Never ask why. You will go nuts if you asked why things are done the way they are here. It doesn’t make one way right and the other wrong, it is just different.

Life is slower here – you need to get used to that. You can relax more and enjoy. Things are done at a different pace – line ups are good because they give you a chance to notice things and write to do lists. When they tear up all the roads at the same time – that is good because you cannot go anywhere and you are forced to relax. Of course I work from home so I relax all the time and don’t usually need to go anywhere. Getting anything done? What really needs to be done anyway?

The nitty gritty of finding a job or creating a business, acquiring an FM3 (work permit), finding accommodation and schooling for any children needs to be considered as well. Do you have enough money put aside to live comfortably until all of this is arranged for? When you move anywhere you need tons of money as everything costs. You also need patience because things need to be hooked up (phone and internet for example) and it can take longer than you are used to. 

Do you still want to come? Are you still up for the adventure? If you want to come for a change of pace, a different lifestyle, a different culture and because you are tired of things always being the same – then come – definately come. What are you waiting for? This is your paradise.