Interview with local Playa del Carmen news source Playa Maya News:

Introducing a fascinating and humorous, new book on living in Mexico.

Only in Mexico, You Say?
There is a hot, new book that has just become available about life in Mexico told from the perspective of a foreigner and her family. It is called, “Only in Mexico, You Say? The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico.”

PMN was pleased to catch up with the author, Suzanne Marie Bandick as she appeared to lie in a state of total relaxation in her hammock in the lovely and tropical gardens of her home.

PMN: So what are you doing lying in a hammock? We have an interview.

Suzanne: Yep, I know, I am just taking a few minutes to contemplate life. Besides, I think better in a hammock.

PMN: What have you found out about life this morning?

Suzanne: Life feels more peaceful when you are lying in a hammock.

PMN: Thanks for the information. I wish I had more time for that.

Suzanne: Actually, I have learned to make the time. Taking time for yourself is a learned art – and not always easy, especially with children.

PMN: Tell us about your kids.

Suzanne: Well fortunately we still have them. You see we just processed our FM3 renewal (this is the document you need to have to be able to live here as a foreigner), Immigration okayed Shawn and I within a week but told us we needed to prove we could afford our kids before they would ok theirs. Shawn was going to tell them we couldn’t, so send them back to Canada. I am glad to say he changed his mind. Of course it depends on what moment you ask me. They are teenagers you know. Our daughter, Brianna is 15 and our son, Riley is now 13. Need I say more?

PMN: What prompted you to write this book that everyone is enjoying so much?

Suzanne: Well, we own a real estate office in town “One Stop” and as soon as people found out we were living here, and with children no less, they always had a million questions. I figure this book is a good way to answer all those questions.

PMN: You tell so many stories that are humorous. Are they all true?

Suzanne: The basis for all the stories is true. Sometimes if you twist any situation around enough it becomes humorous. It is all in how you look at things. To find humor with life, no matter where you live, I think is very important. My husband, Shawn and I spend a lot of time laughing. That does however mean we embarrass our kids a lot. That’s ok; I tell them that it is my job in life to embarrass them now and I pride myself on doing a good job.

PMN: Tell our readers, what are some of the situations you talk about?

Suzanne: Once you read it, you will know our life. It is our real families first hand account of moving and living in Mexico. I talk about what it was like to move from Canada to Puerto Vallarta, and the steps we took to do it. Then you have our next move from Puerto Vallarta to Playa del Carmen, now that was a trip that often seems more funny looking back on it than while we were living it. I also cover all the little details of life here; like renting, buying a house, the many options of schooling for the kids, trying to grow a garden, learning and not learning Spanish, the adventures of driving here, and many other details. I highlight the adventures with cartoon drawings.

PMN: Do you have statistics on who is buying your book?

Suzanne: It is new out, but I already have lots of Canadians and Americans, several Europeans, and a lot of foreigners who are now locals around Mexico ordering it. The locals really seem to enjoy it as it often mirrors many experiences they have had or are currently having. Everyone tells me they like my perspective. If my book helps some people live their dream and entertains some others I will be happy. If it happens to help and entertain millions I will be ecstatic.

PMN: What’s next?

Suzanne: Well, Regarding “Only in Mexico, You Say?” It is now available as an e-book. However, I need to finish up the details to get it into a print version, I would like to have it available on audio as well (people tell me I am a great story teller), and I would like to develop my website further to offer people new information every time they visit. That will be ongoing. After that I have another book I actually wrote first but never did anything with and I would like to publish that. Stay tuned. I guess I better get out of this hammock.

To order: Only in Mexico, You Say? The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico visit
The e-book is easy to order and available immediately for only $14.95. The print version we are told will be available by Fall, but why wait?