Excerpts from "Only In Mexico You Say"

Table of Contents
Forward / Introduction Chapter 12 – Educational Options: Why Did We Bring The Kids? Chapter 24 – The Hot and Humid Days of Summer
Chapter 1 – How it Feels to Pack Up Your Life into a Toyota Truck Chapter 13 – They Have Hurricanes Here? Chapter 25 – The Lighter Side of Owning a Real Estate Business in Playa
Chapter 2 – The Journey Begins: Puerto Vallarta or Bust Chapter 14 – Experiencing a Mexican Holiday Chapter 26 – The Art of Studying Pyramids
Chapter 3 – Adventures and Life in and Around Puerto Vallarta Chapter 15 – The Joy of Swimsuit Shopping Chapter 27 – Water Play: Cenotes
Chapter 4 – A new Journey Across the Country to Playa del
Chapter 16 – Plane Travel: You Want a Holiday from Paradise? Chapter 28 – Growing Your Garden
Chapter 5 - Adventures in Playa del Carmen Chapter 17 – Single? How to Find a Man in Playa Chapter 29 – Great Food in Mexico; Sometimes it’s Not Even Mexican
Chapter 6 – Buying a House in Playa Chapter 18 – Driving in Mexico, Are you Crazy? Chapter 30 – Shopping: a Mexican Bargain
Chapter 7 - Learning the Spanish Language Chapter 19 – The Serious Art of Sand Play Chapter 31 – Hanging in a Hammock, Life in the Slow Lane
Chapter 8 – I Love my Maid Chapter 20 – I Was Stung by a Scorpion and Lived to Tell About It Chapter 32 – Is it Cheaper to Live in Mexico?
Chapter 9 - Working with New Rules: Is Your Paperwork in Order? Chapter 21 – People You Meet Along the Way Chapter 33 – The Joy of the Continuing Journey
Chapter 10 - Pay a Phone Bill? Pay an Electric Bill? What Bill? Chapter 22 – Raising Our Son in Mexico Chapter 34 - Want To Do It Too? Tips on How to Get Where You
Want To Go
Chapter 11 – A Puppy is Born, Raising a Dog in Mexico Chapter 23 – Oh, No! Our Daughter is Dating Boys in Mexico  
The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2

The Journey Begins – Puerto Vallarta or Bust

Let me describe the truck packed for the journey. We put a pod on the roof and packed it with camping gear (tent, foam for sleeping on, sleeping bags and pillows). Would this stuff be needed in Puerto Vallarta? We didn’t know but we wanted to camp along the Oregon Coast, so pack it we did. Inside the truck we used every square inch we could find. To show you how well we packed, the truck was definitely sitting pretty low to the ground. We opted to leave the four bikes and the bike rack behind as it would just be too much weight, and we were not sure how safe they would be on our cross-country trek.

We actually must have looked pretty funny when we left our house because people kept taking pictures. All our neighbors kept running out and yelling to other members of their family, “You have to see this!” I really don’t know what was so unusual, just because my foot well was full and I had my knees wrapped around my neck and the back seat was so packed you could barely see the kids. The extra bonus here was they could not even see each other! Riley could only see out the left side of the vehicle and Brianna could only see out the right. Several plants that we were dropping off to Shawn’s mother filled in any gaps. I still don’t know if Shawn could really see to drive or if he was only doing it by memory. You may be relieved to know we dropped off the plants and reshuffled the load slightly before we headed off for our real trip.

Now, I had the itinerary for the trip planned. I had looked up how long to get from town to town, and had mapped out where we would stay and when. Ha!!! Day one we blew off our itinerary when we arrived at our first stop ahead of schedule and the Oregon Coast was beckoning to us. So we decided to keep going; we did not even take the route I had mapped out! So much for best-laid plans! We were however in search of a different style of living and life and how you treat life, so maybe this was just how it was supposed to be. Go with the flow, go with the moment, and forget the itinerary. Right, now where was that map again? I need to adjust our route. Some things just have to be adjusted to slowly.

Realize we have left everything behind and now do not even really know the job we will have or where we will live, yet we have a family to support. The instinct was to rush … to get there to begin it all again, to find the job and the house and all the things that you have been taught you need to survive.

Only in Mexico you Say?
The Humorous side of living in Mexico

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 20

I was Stung by a Scorpion and Lived to Tell About It!

Yep, I was just wandering around in the dark on my patio minding my own business one night and then it happened – the long-dreaded scorpion sting!

Now, I have never been stung by a scorpion before, but based on the excruciating pain I felt in my foot I figured it had to be the horrific sting you are warned about when heading to Mexico. As I hopped around on one foot cradling my other wounded limb, I yelled to my husband to turn on the light to find the monster that had stung me. Oh the pain!

My husband implored me to sit down; still not quite comprehending what had happened to his beloved. Within seconds he had found the culprit. Sure enough, there was the dreaded monster scorpion all of about ten inches long – well, actually maybe two inches long. I barely caught a glimpse of the brown menace as my husband squished it into the concrete with his shoe, the only remains being a spot of brown ooze.

Wait, weren’t we supposed to catch it and take to a hospital for identification? Oops, do they take ooze? What do we do now anyway? Ten minutes had gone by and I was still alive. I took this as a good sign, and told my husband I obviously would not need the hospital. I had read somewhere that there were not really any poisonous scorpions in our area and that their sting was no worse than being stung by a bee anyway.

He was not convinced. His first call was to our friend who owns a pharmacy in town, but he did not answer his phone and we had to leave a message. Three more calls to friends; all said it would be best to go get a shot at the hospital. What were my thoughts on the matter? No way, no shot for me; a shot has to be worse than the original scorpion sting! Besides it was now 20 minutes since I had been stung and I am still alive. I obviously can brave it without a shot, thank you.

Still not convinced, he decided he should visit a pharmacy. The humor here is that when I mentioned I was wandering around in the dark it was because the electricity was out! We assumed only in our neighborhood. Shawn, however, soon discovered it was out all over town and all the pharmacies had closed!

While Shawn was driving around the dark city for me, our pharmacist friend called back and indeed confirmed there are no deadly poisonous scorpions native to our area of Mexico, and the worst I may experience is an allergic reaction. He of course offered the famous Mexican shot, just in case. However, since my tongue was not swelling - in fact nothing at all was swelling - and I had no large welts appearing on my body, I gracefully chose to decline. In fact, all I felt at that point was a slight discomfort at the site of the sting. Don’t tell anyone though – it sounds much better to endure excruciating pain. Shawn was able to return home after I told him the good news.

As I went to bed I kissed my husband and told him I loved him, just in case I did not make it through the night. The next morning however, I did indeed wake up alive and well. Ah, life in paradise can be exciting, and what a great story I now have to tell. Just call me the Scorpion Queen.

More good news: we later found my sandal that I had flung off my foot as I was stung. It was safe and sound in the far corner of the yard. Wait, was that a tarantula on it? No just a fuzzy piece of stick. Now that would be a real story!