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"Only in Mexico, You Say?
The Humorous Side of Living in Mexico"

Live the life of your dreams in Mexico?

Okay, but get ready for an adventure!

Humor and adventure awaits you with this family's true story of what it is like to choose to leave everything and everyone you know behind, to start again, try a different life, taste a different world, experience a different culture, and experience a different language. Turns out they didn't lose anything; they gained everything, and are currently living their dream in Mexico.

It is a journey that will take you from the west coast to the east coast of beautiful Mexico. It is a real inside look at living in Mexico with two kids who are now teenagers. Take the plunge and get ready for a change of culture and a change of pace.

Share the laughter and the fun ... Only in Mexico you say?

This is a real adventure story for anyone who has ever considered leaving it all and moving to a tropical paradise, especially if they have kids.

This can show you how you could possibly do it too. You can make the conscious decision to live your dreams - if you choose.

Only want to read about the adventure? Yeah, live vicariously and laugh at the silly gringos. Go ahead, as we are laughing too.

What People Are Saying

"What if you sold nearly everything you owned and packed the rest...along with the kids...into your car and headed for a new a foreign country? Only someone who is truly adventuresome (and some would say foolish) would do something like that, right? Suzanne and Shawn Bandick did it...and Suzanne survived with humor still in tact to tell the tale. Her book, a quick, easy read, tells how she and her family found a new life in Mexico. Read it and maybe you, too, will decide to pack up the kids and head south."

Suzan Haskins, Latin America Editorial Director
International Living magazine

Honey, sell the house, put the kids in the van - we're moving to Mexico! Follow the
Bandick family's 'get real' dream of living a less hectic life in the tropics. Only in
Mexico you say?
is a light-hearted account of this young family's journey from Western
Canada to their eventual home in Eastern Mexico. Suzanne uses actual emails sent to
friends and family to endearingly wrap the stories together into a package that invites you
in like a family member wondering page after page what she, husband Shawn and
children Riley and Brianna will be embracing next. A thoroughly enjoyable read where
the page-turning is powered by positive energy and the Caribbean breeze.

Amy Schirmer, journalist and traveller

"Twelve years ago, my family and I made a decision similar to Suzanne's. We left our
Colorado home with our children to live in southwestern Mexico, our own little corner
of paradise. Like Suzanne, we have never regretted the decision. Many of her
experiences mirror our own, especially the need for humor and a sense of adventure.
She has indeed captured the essence of discovering, creating and fully appreciating a
new life in old Mexico. While reading, I laughed out loud innumerable times, and felt a
strong kinship with Suzanne and her family. A highly enjoyable read!!"

- Adelle Morgan-Cordero, Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

This is an incredible value revealing to you the real life details of living in Mexico

This is time sensitive - the sooner you start reading the sooner you start laughing with us.

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About Suzanne Marie Bandick

I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. My childhood was lovely and uneventful. I spent a lot of time reading and daydreaming.

I have kept my love of reading – and savor a good book any chance I get. By day I balance writing, marketing, teaching, baking and yoga class, with the care of my two teenagers. My nights I save for my husband.

I married my childhood sweetheart at the ripe old age of 21. Yeah, I can’t believe I waited that long either. Seriously, I never intended to get married until I hit 28, which sounded like a good number to me, but Shawn was in my life and I knew I wanted to be with him forever, so I told him he should marry me and we would travel the world together and have lots of fun. Fortunately for me, he said yes, and we are still happily together having fun. He doesn’t complain where I squeeze the toothpaste tube and I tell him he can go fishing as much as he wants. It must be love.

We have always loved to travel. We have visited Thailand, New Zealand, Italy, Barbados, Jamaica and numerous other destinations. Before marriage I was in Mexico several times, as well as taking trips to various places in the Mediterranean, like Greece, Turkey and Venice. Our kids went with us for a month-long trip to Thailand.

I am currently living the adventure that is life in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with my husband and our 2 teenage children. Sometimes, I do not know which gives me more adventure: Mexico or our kids! We arrived in Mexico September 10th, 2001, and life has never been the same since.